Zero Waste Scotland: Part Three!

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Has anybody told Scotland that becoming zero waste is not a race?

Actually, thinking about it, perhaps they are right, the environmental clock is ticking and sooner or later our waste and our planetary damage are going to catch up with us.

If there is such thing as an environmental clock, it’s getting pretty close to midnight. Maybe if every country treated becoming zero waste like a race, we’d all get there a lot sooner, due to the competitive nature of people. Who knows?
A third zero waste town (or island) is close on the horizon, although as of yet, we don’t know where in Scotland it will be. What we do know, is that the fourth, fifth, sixth and more will follow very soon after, as the Zero Waste Scotland campaign opens itself up to application, hoping that towns and islands will apply to join. It is hoped in particular that these applicants will be willing to try some of the more innovative ideas and initiatives that have been brainstormed.

Community and business need to work together!

One area which is of particular interest, and it is something that we here at Plastic Expert are doing already, is finding ways for the residents to work with businesses to reduce waste, increase recycling rates and become more efficient as a community. Applicants are asked to support their bid with ideas for how they will become more resource efficient, and if successful will receive a healthy grant from the Zero Waste Town Development Fund. Zero Waste Scotland’s ‘Resource Efficient Circular Economy Accelerator Programme’ (RECAP), aims to improve the economic and environmental values and procedures of resources in Scotland.
The deadline to apply to become the third Zero Waste Town in Scotland is the 3rd of October, with another six months of careful consideration, review and selection before the winner gets to begin their three year quest to reach a zero waste status.
zero waste scotland
Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said: “This is a really exciting project for Scotland as it looks to increase momentum with innovative new ideas to deliver a zero waste society.
“Ultimately, we are looking for new ideas and approaches on reducing waste and making better use of the things which we no longer need which will help us identify models that could be replicated in communities throughout Scotland.”
Dunbar, the first Zero Waste project in Scotland, is now two years through their three year project, and the Isle of Bute is 1 year through theirs. With the successful progress both have made, it makes complete sense to keep growing the idea, so that it positively benefits not just these towns, but their neighbours too, who may consciously adapt to better policies if given the option.
Whatever happens, the future is bright for whichever town or island wins this opportunity!

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