Plastic Expert Becomes A Proud Member Of UROC

Whats on this page?

‘Our aim is to divert as much plastic from landfill, share best practice within our sector and ultimately deliver significant cost savings’

Who are UROC?

UROC are the United Resource Operators Consortium, a not-for-profit trade body formed by, and acting as a voice for the skip hire, waste transfer and materials recycling facilities of the waste management industry. UROC’s fees go back into assisting their members and the waste industry, and Plastic Expert are proud to announce that we are now supporters!

What does UROC do for the waste industry?

UROC acts as the voice of skip hire companies, waste transfer stations and materials recycling facilities to discuss the issues regarding three key topics in particular. These three topics are: trommel fines, landfill taxes and LOI testing regimes.

Back on November 6th, 2013, UROC director Gary Ellison confirmed:

“URoc can confirm that the meeting held with HMRC, Treasury and other key industry stakeholders, to include ESA and CIWM, was very progressive with positive and fruitful discussions.

Ultimately, it was agreed that further consultation was imperative in order to develop a workable solution to the ongoing issues surrounding the disposal of trommel fines with the Qualifying Order attracting lower rate landfill tax. URoc urges continued support from the skip and waste transfer sector in order to develop a suitable and pragmatic way forward.”

Since then, UROC’s relationship with the HMRC has vastly improved and has allowed the bond between businesses in the waste sector and the government to grow stronger and more unified.

What are the issues UROC addresses?

Landfill taxes – Landfill taxes are the costs associated with disposing of waste at a UK landfill. Taxes are dependent on several factors and are massively increased when the avoidable trommel fines are added on.

Trommel fines – Trommel fines are given at two rates, and relate to the amount of waste sent to landfill that is non-inert. Essentially, inert waste types that do not burn, such as metal, rock, ceramics and soil, are rightly sent to landfill. It’s the non-inert materials that are good for incineration that should not be going to landfill, and thus the trommel fine. The government charge a fine, per tonne, depending on the percentage of these materials in landfilled waste. The lower rate is around £2.50 per tonne and the higher rate is up to £80 per tonne.

LOI testing regimes – LOI stands for ‘Loss Of Ignition’ and relates to the testing of trommel fines landfill waste for its non-inert (chemically inactive) qualities. It involves burning waste samples in an ashing chamber, with the difference between the weight before and after burning indicating how much waste is worthy of a fine.

History of UROC

UROC was founded in 2012 to meet the needs of skip hire companies, waste transfer stations and materials recycling facilities who felt that they were being improperly represented in meetings between HM Revenue & Customers, and the waste sector. The HMRC were very accepting of this fact and welcomed UROC’s input. One of UROC’s earliest statements said:

“Many in the industry do not feel that existing trade associations such as the Environmental Services Association represent our sector and they are not there for the SME.

UROC will be there for the SME and the launch of the association comes as we look to help the industry with the landfill tax issue. We have been working on the idea of the trade association for the last 6-12 months.”

Why are Plastic Expert supporting them?

By joining UROC, Plastic Expert becomes the latest business in the recycling industry to gain access to their bi-monthly regional advice surgeries, monthly e-bulletins and hub for exchange of ideas.

UROC’s service allows an ‘ask the expert’ feature, that will provide us an insight to planning and permitting enquiries, as well as training, advice and seminars. Membership allows us huge discounts on machinery, such as balers and crushers, but also the opportunity to join workshops that liaise with the HMRC over trommel fines, landfill tax and LOI testing regimes.

All in all, to be surrounded by like minded and forward thinking businesses, in a community led by the community, will only serve to create an improved industry. We are 100% in favour of progress for the recycling and waste management industry.

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