An Interview With Arturo Bordalo II

Plastic Expert had a chat with Bordalo II about his recycled trash art. Some people are so incredibly talented and use that for positive things...

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Plastic Expert caught up with internationally recognized street artist Arturo Bordalo II…


Hi Bordalo, would you like to introduce yourself to our audience?
I’m 27 years old, I come from Lisbon and I create sculptures with trash.

How long have you been involved in art for?
I painted and drew on paper for as long as I can remember, than I started to write on the walls when I was 11 years old. I started to develop my artwork 3 years ago, but I’m not sure when I became an artist, or if I am an artist. It’s hard to define it nowadays!

Tell us about how you source your materials for projects and installations?
It comes from everywhere. Some from fields where people throw trash, others from the streets, and other from companies that let me keep what they will throw away.

What are the benefits to using recycled materials in your work?
There’s no benefit. I do it because I believe in the message behind my work. I wouldn’t be making a difference when I use something in its end of life. The difference can only be made if the people will understand the message. If we keep consuming and wasting like we do, we will destroy the world we live in, and then we will have no place to be.

From all of your projects, can you tell us about some of your favourites?
My favourite was the Gift for Mother Nature; a trash container full of Christmas waste that I transformed into a big gift. That’s our gift to the nature – trash.

Where would we find your installations right now?
There are a few in Lisbon, Estarreja, Bragança, Carballo, Berlin, Baku, etc.

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What do you think about the waste issue and landfills?
I think they are very interesting places. Schools should bring the kids there every year, to the middle where its really dirty and stinks, as a sort of shock therapy. In Portuguese we say “An old donkey doesn’t learn languages”, and in fact it’s true. I put all my hope in the future generations to have ecological conscience and do everything better than we do.

What’s your next big art project going to be?
I’m in Baku now, I’m going to London in 2 weeks for my next project, a collective show and a big trash animal somewhere!

Do you have any advice for budding artists out there?
Do whatever you believe in, be happy, you don’t live twice.

Thanks Dude! Follow Bordalo on Facebook.

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