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Dirty LDPE plastic recycling

Recycling your dirty plastics can now be highly sustainable and profitable. Material processed through Plastic Expert’s European wash-plant adds value to dirty LDPE Film and PP Builders bags during the recycling process.

We know from experience the difficulties faced in trying to properly recycle your plastics. We will provide skip companies’ and waste transfer stations FREE guidance and advice on their plastic sorting and baling procedure in order to realise the potential value in their waste. This has helped us form long-standing, sustainable working relationships.

Plastic Expert operates European wash plants that offer a reliable, competitive and sustainable outlet for all baled LDPE plastic waste, as well as things like PP bags, and there’s many reasons why we have chosen to keep our recycling processing with the EU.

Sustainable plastic recycling

China has been the preferred destination for most recyclable materials from the UK, the demand for plastics at one time meant that high commodity prices were being given to most if not all plastic polymer types. Since China’s Green Fence Agreement was established, waste transfer stations and skip companies have been left with minimal outlets for dirty grades of LDPE film and PP sacksEurope offers the perfect solution in the face of rising landfill taxes and the shortage of UK end markets for recycling firms.

Another benefit of utilising our European outlets is the fact we can take dirty material. Clean plastic films seldom struggle to sell, however value is lost where dirt is present.

No need for shipping containers

We collect baled materials on curtain sider vehicles, to fit the requirements of the masses. Our trusted European haulage companies allow flexibility and improved communication over containerised shipping. This allows most sites to move materials without the requirement of a loading ramp and a container specification forklift truck.

Chinese New Year is just one situation that occurs in Asia that leads to an excessive backlogging of shipping containers and stagnant material at ports across the Far East. Companies using shipping containers to export their plastics as well as cardboard will know that this has huge negative impacts associated to costs of recycling. This reduction occurs when demand for shipping containers outstrips supply.

“The cost of shipping containers is a key factor affecting market prices, thus directly affecting the value per tonne on materials such as LDPE plastic.”

Not only is the cost of transportation cheaper, but the time between plastic leaving the site and arriving at the factory is dramatically reduced. Price increases and feedback on all purchased loads can therefore be related back to our suppliers far more quickly.

Why use Plastic Expert?

As soon as your LDPE Film lands at the wash plant we’ll produce a detailed report listing the grades and values within the bales. This helps form a transparent relationship with our material suppliers and also aids the education process going forward.

It also means we can pay very quickly for the plastic we buy, much of the time material is upgraded from the initial price! We can also take split loads, this is a huge benefit to suppliers to storage constraints and allows the material for fast payment.

As China seeks to further initiate a closed loop and more insular society, it is expected that less and less plastic scrap will be required from the rest of the globe. Europe has long offered a reliable option for waste streams and we are of the opinion that the UK should be encouraged to work with its neighbours.

Plastic Expert have a team of dedicated account managers, working with skip hire and waste management companies to produce plastic bales that will create value as well as save on landfill.

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