PP  Plastic Recycling

PP (Polypropylene) is a very common type of plastic and has many uses in product and items we use every single day. Items made from PP will have the universal recycling mark ‘Number 5’ within the recycling triangle. PP is very recyclable and its versatility ensures there always an end market for the right quality of recycled material.

Uses of PP Plastic:

PP has many uses, it’s composition means that it’s one of the lightest plastic available whilst it’s still reasonably strong. Its uses include:

  • Automotive Plastic – (Car Bumpers)
  • Household goods and containers
  • Crates and Boxes
  • Garden Furniture
  • Domestic Appliances

How is PP recycled?

PP is normally recycled by reducing the rigid material into granules. Most plastic factories will separate the different grades of PP material before processing; this creates a better quality product for onward sale to manufacturers. The price of PP is a commodity and global market forces such as oil prices drive the price.

PP Plastic carries the number 5 logo