With an increased need for delivering efficient, ethical and cost-effective plastic waste recycling solutions, plastic recycling companies are changing the way they operate. With access to reliable and reputable recycling services, companies relying on plastic production can improve their green credentials, profit from their scrap materials and dispose of their waste safely.

What is Plastic Recycling?

Plastic can be recycled in a variety of ways, and there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to disposing of surplus plastic material or scrap plastic.

As plastic isn’t biodegradable, it can cause a significant amount of harm to the environment. Sending plastics to landfills does not alleviate the damage caused as some plastics may leach dangerous toxins into the soil or release potentially harmful contaminants into the air.

By working with plastic recycling companies, your business can take advantage of specialist plastic disposal and recycling methods. At Plastic Expert, we are committed to delivering advanced plastic recycling services to organizations across the UK. We offer a wide range of plastic recycling services, many of which are not available at other plastic recycling centres.


How is Plastic Recycled?

The recycling method used to repurpose or dispose of plastic packaging and other plastic waste streams depends on the type of plastic in question. As plastic is available in different forms, it is usually categorized into one of seven groups.

The Society of the Plastics Industry has ensured that all producers and commercial users of plastics identify their products according to the type of plastic used. This ensures that end-users know how to recycle the item safely.

For instance, if your business uses polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to manufacture disposable drinking bottles, the scrap PET can be ground down into flakes, washed and separated into high-quality PET and other materials. With advanced processes, such as melt filtering, Plastic Expert can turn these PET flakes into recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Usually, in pellet form, recycled PET can then be used to manufacture products such as fabrics, vehicle parts, packaging, new PET bottles, containers, as well as carpets.

Similarly, polypropylene can also be recycled before re-entering the manufacturing process. Classified as a group SPI5 plastic, polypropylene is commonly used in packaging and may be present in disposable coffee cups, bottle caps, food containers, and kitchenware.

Although polypropylene is recyclable, not all waste management centres offer effective SPI5 recycling facilities. At Plastic Expert, we are proud to be one of the few ethical polypropylene recycling companies in the UK working closely with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome for businesses and the environment.

With extensive experience, our technicians can effectively isolate the monomers present in polypropylene, use melting, vacuuming and solidification processes to safely produce usable pellets and granules. Once this process is complete, recycled polypropylene can safely be mixed with virgin polypropylene and used to create new products and packaging.

With a variety of methodologies, Plastic Expert is equipped to recycle plastics of all resin identification grades. We even recycle plastics which are particularly difficult to repurpose, such as polyvinyl chloride, low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, and acrylics.

To discover how we can help to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your green credentials, why not get in touch with the Plastic Expert team today?

Why Should Businesses Recycle Plastics?

First and foremost, recycling plastics helps to minimize the harmful impact they have on the environment. As plastic isn’t biodegradable, it will not decompose over time and unless it is disposed of safely or recycled and reprocessed, it will continue to pollute and potentially harm the planet.

There are also other incentives that make plastic recycling a popular choice for businesses. With increasing pressure to adopt more environmentally friendly processes, for example, companies can now improve their green credentials and gain positive publicity by embracing plastic reprocessing and recycling.

Furthermore, organizations can save a significant amount of costs by choosing to recycle their plastics. Disposing of plastic isn’t easy and businesses routinely have to pay high fees to place plastic waste in a landfill. Similarly, disposing of plastics via incineration is potentially harmful due to the toxin released during the process, and it can be a costly form of waste management.

By working closely with plastic recycling companies, businesses can take advantage of cost-effective plastic reprocessing services, improve their eco-friendly image and reduce their carbon footprint.

For producers of plastics and waste management firms, there are additional incentives when it comes to recycling industrial plastic waste. In large quantities, recyclable plastics can fetch a high value and by selling waste to scrap plastic buyers, UK waste-collecting firms can increase their income this way.

With so many advantages associated with plastic recycling and reprocessing, it is something that every business in the UK can use to their benefit. Whether you want to minimize the environmental impact of your company or avoid costly sanctions associated with high emissions and outputs, or you simply want to find a cost-effective disposal solution, plastic recycling could be the best option for your business.

Plastic Recycling Bales

Choosing the Right Plastic Recycling Company

With the right company, recycling plastics can be easy and straightforward. At Plastic Expert, we offer reliable collections, ethical methodologies, and cost-effective solutions. As well as offering competitive rebates for bulk plastics, we provide a range of recycling and reprocessing services to companies across a variety of industries.

Furthermore, our commitment to using the latest technologies ensures we can process almost any plastic. Whilst some plastic recycling companies can only reprocess the most common types of plastic, Plastic Expert can reliably recycle a wide range of plastic on-site.

We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to increase plastic recycling methodologies and we are proud to be bringing new and exciting processes to the forefront of the recycling industry to give businesses in the UK access to ethical and responsible recycling services.

To find out more about the benefits of working with a plastic recycling company, contact us today. Our expert team will assess your existing waste management procedures and outputs to deliver a comprehensive recycling strategy. In addition, we will provide your business with an accurate cost-benefit analysis and environmental impact analysis to highlight the financial and ethical benefits of adopting new recycling measures.