Recycling is an important concern for all businesses because it is a central part of corporate social responsibility. Consumers are increasingly driven by environmental concerns and a business that does not have a clear recycling policy in place does not have a good public image, and it can impact sales in a big way. As environmental concerns become more important, so does the need for recycling. However, this does cause issues for business because recycling costs money and they need to find ways to manage those costs. 

Businesses often spend far too much money on cardboard recycling because they are not using a cardboard baler. Using a baler makes cardboard recycling simple and cost effective by crushing all of your old cardboard into bales. Recycling companies will then take these bales off your hands so all of your waste cardboard is dealt with. A cardboard baler is the quickest and cheapest way for a business to handle waste, and it also saves a lot of space when compared with using a standard waste bin system. 

If your business spends more than £10 per week on cardboard recycling, and you produce a constant stream of cardboard waste, you are likely in need of a cardboard baler.

What does as cardboard baler do?

A cardboard baler is a simple piece of equipment that you can put large amounts of waste cardboard into, and it will then be crushed down into a neat, cube shaped bale. First, you need to fill the large chamber, then a hydraulic press will crush it down into a bale. The baler will then tie it off so it can easily be stored and moved. You can fulfil your recycling responsibilities easily because the bales can be sent to a recycling company to be reprocessed, instead of being sent to landfill. 

Cardboard balers range in size and type, so it is not enough to simply ask, what does a cardboard baler do? You also need to consider the type of baler that your business needs. Smaller businesses that do not produce huge amounts of cardboard waste only need a simple baler. It will create bales that they can then recycle to avoid sending waste to landfill. These machines tend to be manually operated, and have a single chamber. 

However, a larger business that creates a constant stream of cardboard waste needs something a lot more comprehensive. There are multi-chamber cardboard balers available, and these larger machines tend to be semi-automatic or fully automatic. This means that you can create bales constantly to stay on top of your cardboard waste. If you are baling large amounts of cardboard, you may also be able to generate revenue by selling your recycled waste. 

Balers range in size and shape as well. There are vertical and horizontal configurations available, so you need to consider which is best for the space that you have. You also need to decide between static balers and balers that are on casters so they can be wheeled around. These are a particularly effective solution for small businesses that do not have very much space. 

Different balers will create different sized bales of cardboard, and this is something that you need to consider. Even though a recycling company will take care of the bales, you will still need to store them until they can be collected. If you have limited space, you need to use a baler that creates small bales that can easily be stacked. 

When you are trying to decide which cardboard baler is right for you, it is important that you assess your waste disposal needs and find a baler that can handle the quantities of cardboard waste that you produce.

cardboard boxes flat

What are the benefits of a cardboard baler?

Saving space is one of the biggest benefits of using a cardboard baler. If you use a standard waste bin, it will fill up very quickly, especially when you put full boxes in there. You can still crush the boxes down to save some space, but that is time consuming and the bins will still only hold a fraction of the cardboard that a bale will. If you produce large amounts of cardboard waste, that means you will need a lot of bins, and that is a waste of space. 

Cost is another big issue because waste removal is very expensive if you are using standard bins. You also have to pay the cost of renting the bins as well. If a waste management bin comes to collect your waste and the bin is only half full, you will still pay the same amount, so you are wasting money there as well. But if you are using a cardboard baler, your waste management costs are reduced in a big way. In some cases, you may also be able to generate extra revenue by selling the cardboard bales to a recycling company. 

Cardboard balers are also a great way to save time, which is very important in business. It is not productive if some of your employees have to spend a lot of time crushing down boxes and filling bins. With a baler, it is quick and easy to fill the chamber and run the machine, so time can be spent on more important things. 

How much does a cardboard baler cost?

If you are not already using a cardboard baler but you are convinced that it is the right choice, your next question is likely to be, how much does a cardboard baler cost? Although it will save you time and money in the long run, you still have to manage the initial cost of the baler. 

The first decision that you need to make is whether to buy a cardboard baler or whether to rent one. A small baler can be rented for as little as £12.50 per week, although the price will vary a lot depending on the size of the baler. However, baler rental is almost always cheaper than standard rubbish collection, so you will save money. The other big benefit of renting is that all of the maintenance costs are handled for you, so you do not need to spend extra money there. 

If you buy a cardboard baler, you will have to deal with the initial cost but then you will make savings in the long term because you do not have to pay the monthly rental costs. The cost can range from anywhere between £5000 to £1 million, depending on the size of the baler that you need. However, you can save money if you buy a used baler instead of a brand new one. 

When buying a new baler, it is important that you need to consider the condition of the baler carefully. Even if you can get a great deal on the baler itself, you will not be saving money if it constantly breaks down and you need to pay for maintenance. 

Buying a cardboard baler is a must for any business that produces a lot of cardboard waste. However, it is important that you ask, how does a cardboard baler work, and how much does a cardboard baler cost before you buy one. Once your cardboard baler is set up, you will find it a lot easier to manage cardboard waste, and you will save a lot of time and money. It will also improve your public image and help you to fulfil all of your recycling responsibilities, so your business needs to invest in a cardboard baler right away.