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Scrap uPVC door & window frames

Our company deals with several hundred tonnes per month of scrap uPVC door and window frames. Much of the material is bulked and re-sized before onwards transport to our factory customers. We offer a collected and delivered in service depending on the location of material. Typically the material is moved in roll on/off containers, bulkers and walking floor trailers.

PVC Recycling – Low grade material

Low grade PVC material can be recycled however the value remains in saving landfill costs. Items such as PVC pipe, guttering and other low grade PVC materials must be baled for transportation purposes. We supply this material directly to our factory customer in the EU.

Thinking of getting started?

If you’re a, skip company, waste transfer station, recycling centre or in the PVC manufacturing industry and do not bale your plastic waste, it’s important to be armed with all the facts. We can provide you with a ‘Plastic Recycling – Getting Started’ guide. In addition to the plastic recycling guide we can also recommend the right plastic baler.

Photo – PVC Recycling in action! Fully deglazed scrap uPVC frames.

PVC Recycling

PVC Recycling – Scrap uPVC Window Frames