Bulk Purchase of Plastic Scrap

Plastic Scrap Purchase

Our company purchases bulk loads of plastic scrap from hundreds of suppliers all around the UK. Much of this material is sourced from the waste management and recycling sector, this includes MRFs (Materials Recycling Facilities). If your business has plastic scrap for sale, we can offer competitive rebates and reliable collections.

Why choose us?

Supplying end markets gives us the edge. We supply factories and end users in the UK, Europe and Far East with many grades of recycled plastic material. All our end markets are fully vetted to ensure ethical compliance and sound environmental practices.

  • FINANCIAL RELIABILITY. Our company will make prompt payments directly into your company bank account. We believe reliable payment terms are a key factor in repeat business.
  • ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT. For regular suppliers, we appoint an account manager who will personally deal with all aspects of purchasing. This ensures the best possible level of service.
  • MIXED LOADS. We can collect split loads of different materials, this is hugely beneficial for locations with storage constraints.
  • COLLECTIONS NATIONWIDE. We can organise collection of your materials in most parts of the UK. Baled materials can be loaded into shipping containers or on trucks, depending on each individual requirement.
  • CIRCULAR APPROACH. We’re committed to supporting British manufacturing, where possible our materials stay in the UK.

Materials we purchase

Here are some of the materials we purchase, in mill size bales:baled-plastic-scrap

LDPE Film (including 98-02, 95-05, 90-10, 80-20 and Jazz)

LDPE Construction Film (Jazz & Natural)

Mixed Rigid Plastic (depending on quality)

PP Sacks ( A, B & C Grade)

uPVC window frames

Car Bumpers & Automotive Plastic

HIPS & PP Pots/Trays

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

Cardboard (OCC & KLS)

Agricultural Films

We also purchase other more specialist grades such as polycarbonate, PMMA & production/engineering scrap.

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